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Chilean wines

"We are producing our grapes to develop our wines, which we export to over 40 countries in 5 continents. We specialize in developed of customized products, private wine label and packaging solutions. We have on our portfolio; bottled wines, BIB (bag in box) and bulk wine."

Korta to be known for the quality of its wines, which are exported to countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. 1948 was the year that started the Chilean Wines Korta Companies, when Jose Korta started his business Korta Tanning . From that time the company evolved to the point of becoming one of the most important of its area in Chile.

In 1989, the family Korta, led by Francisco Korta, turns the business and create a new company called Frutas de Curicó, focused 100 percent in fruit area.

In 1997, the Companies Korta embark on one of the most ambitious and challenging of his career: just born Winery and Vineyards Korta, with the aim of producing and export Chilean wines, as well as private wine label , organic wines, bulk wines and more .

The vineyard is located 200 km south of Santiago (the capital of Chile), in the parallel 35 � South